A new jewellery line, Naya


Ananya Malhotra is set to launch her jewellery line, Naya in Bangalore. All of 24, Ananya has worked on projects with institutions like the Victoria and Albert Museum, Swarovski and the Barbican, discovering how jewellery is placed in design history and the art world.  She was awarded the Suffragettes Design Award in 2010 where she designed and presented a brooch to celebrated women scientists and Nobel Prize winners in celebration of the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. She was selected by Swarovski in 2013 to create a piece for the Runway Rocks fashion show, sparking off her connection with Indian culture.

Ananya Malhotra, Evoluzione

The brand Naya, which is Hindi for New, has its roots in tradition. Naya revives elements of Indian philosophies that have been diluted or lost over time, reintroducing these elements in a contemporary way and expressing them through fine jewellery. Naya’s first endeavour is subdivided into two collections, both inspired by the gateways of life force and energy- The Chakras.



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