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RITZ captures perfect camaraderie between 4 of Bengaluru’s fashionable and charming women

Friendship is all about trust, supporting each other through good times and bad, sharing a strong bond and treading together through calm and choppy waters with equal aplomb. RITZ captures the perfect camaraderie between four of Bengaluru’s glamorous, fashionable and charming women who know what it takes to build, sustain and enhance great bonds with their pals. 

Anjana Thomas & Anisha Bhandary

Anjana Thomas and Anisha Bhandari 2 (Copy)

They’ve often ended up buying identical outfits like a designer top or a red dress despite being on separate shopping sprees, and then pairing and wearing it differently to consciously look distinct from each other. It’s been a while since they’ve known each other now. “But we got closer when we were expecting our first kids together,” says Anisha, one of the city’s well-known hostesses.  Her dear friend Anjana, who organises events and parties through her venture Whole Nine Yards, is quick to add, “We enjoy being in each other’s homes, spending time and taking off on holidays together.”

They say their personalities gel a lot, but in the same breath add that their styles are distinctly well-defined. While Anisha appears classic, Anjana is a lot more experimental with her style. Anjana enjoys accessorising with anything from funky chains to catchy headbands, while Anisha could trade accessories for shoes and bags, her biggest weakness. Even their makeup seems clearly demarcated, with Anisha preferring the darker tones of gold and bronze, and Anjana going in for rose and pink. When it comes to shopping, “she is quick and knows what she wants. We could be in the same shop and she’ll be done in 10 minutes, while I’ll take over an hour,” says the self-confessed Chloe addict Anjana, who is a big fan of the brand, and a “handbag person.”

Anjana Thomas and Anisha Bhandari 3 (Copy)

 Anisha is in a bronze bandage dress by Herve Leger. Her shoes are by Tom Ford shoes and she carries an Alexander McQueen clutch. 

 In a blush Sue Wong feathered dress with embellishments, Anjana wears Christian Louboutin heels and carries an Alexander McQueen clutch.

Shivani Shenoy & Mariam Begg 

Shivani and Mariyam 2 (Copy)

“We have no particular designer loyalties. Our fashion can be from anywhere – right from quaint boutiques to high street to designer wear – as long as it appeals to us,” announce besties Mariam Begg and Shivani Shenoy, who’ve known each other since their modelling days.  Today, they bond over food, wellness and health. “Yes at parties we talk about health and wellness! While sipping wine that too,” reveals Shivani. “We discuss a lot on happy living,” says Mariam. They do yoga, research on healthy foods; dish out recipes that eliminate processed foods, and try and go natural in a preservative driven world. Mariam cooks very well, claims Shivani, “and we exchange a lot of recipes, even some exotic ones like chickpea cupcakes.”

They do shop together as well, even exchanging notes post holidays on what each one purchased since they share similar tastes in fashion. “We both like the simple, classic look. We’re understated, right from our makeup to accessories as our personalities are more casual,” says Mariam. Her friend is quick to add that they both are “absolutely fashionable, but in an understated way. Going over-the-top yes, but very rarely,” says Shivani, going on to reminisce how they went berserk shopping in Dubai, where Mariam carried her bowl of sprouts. “Yes, she loves her sprouts and red wine. It’s all about living the good life!”

Shivani and Mariyam 1 (Copy)

Mariam has paired a black Emanuel Ungaro wrap blouse with high street pants and Christian Louboutin heels. Her look is accentuated by a string of pearls and a statement watch.

 A red Tory Burch belt provides a contrast to Shivani’s white off-shoulder Madison jumpsuit with flared sleeves. She also has on Black Fendi heels and emerald earrings. 



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