A Ladies Day Out With BMW Platino Classic !


Some of the lucky ladies recount their experience driving an entire fleet of BMW Cars! 

From time immemorial, there has been a myth that women aren’t ‘good drivers’. Though it has been proven wrong time and again, when it comes to driving luxury vehicles, we find the number of lady drivers dwindling. BMW Platino Classic decided to bust this myth by inviting
a team of women to the special BMW Range drive on a 50km scenic route from Kochi to Alappuzha! RITZ catches up with some of the lucky ladies who recount their fun day out! 

Text: Riya Sonny Datson

Parvathy Chankramath is a fashion designer from Thrissur who has boutiques in Calicut and Kochi. She drives from Kochi to Calicut all by herself. “I love long drives and have a weakness for sporty cars!” she admits. The BMW Range drive was her first outing where she experienced the driving comfort of the entire BMW fleet. “It was wonderful and I enjoyed every moment of it. I drove six different models and I must admit that I was impressed. I love their sporty look and the power of the vehicle is amazing. What I liked most was that the
driving expert explained every little feature about the car in simple terms. Typically while judging a vehicle, I would consider only the driving comfort and its beauty but this was very enlightening.” When asked about the most memorable moment, she says, “We were a group of 15 ladies and it was great interacting with them and participating in the games. At the end of the event, I was awarded the ‘Best Driver Award’. That would definitely be one moment I will never forget!”

Joshila Ramesh is the mastermind behind Aspire HR Solutions, a domestic recruitment and training consultancy based in Kochi with over 2000 clients from across Kerala. Her firm also has branches in Calicut and Trivandrum. “It was my first experience to go on a luxury drive all by myself and it was great! Although I drive, I have never really tried testing the speed or the braking system, especially that of a hi-end luxury vehicle. It has definitely improved my confidence. The driving expert guided us to drive very slowly at first and then go on full speed so as to understand the power of the vehicle. As we drove, it almost felt as though we were floating on the road.” Best Take away of the entire drive? “I drove all the different BMW models all the way from Kochi to Marari. Although we own an Audi, my husband always had apprehensions about letting me drive, but the BMW range drive gave me so much confidence that the very next day, I convinced him to let me drive our Audi,” she says triumphantly.

Manju Mathew, the lady behind The Burger Junction chain of restaurants in Kochi, has an experience of over 15 years with various multinational companies. Manju also runs an NGO called ‘Tree for Life’. “BMW is very comfortable to drive, especially for ladies. Driving BMW is not a new experience for me. I have owned a BMW X5 and other hi end luxury vehicles. But to me, what was most amazing was the fact that it was the first time BMW Platino Classic had organised a ‘Women’s Only’ car rally in Asia. They organised a fleet of about 15 cars – all driven by women. It was a wonderful initiative to empower women on the road and to break the misconception that women are not ‘good drivers’. The trust and the confidence that they have instilled in us is awesome. They literally said, ‘Go girls, you can paint the town ‘Red’!’ Let the message of empowering women on the road spread throughout India, thanks to BMW Platino classic team. Way to go!!”



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