A Journey of Style evolved from Good Taste


The 11th edition of Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2015 kicked off in Gurgaon, presenting a transcending collaboration of creative inspirations and fine influences. An individual’s tastes are defined by the influences and experiences they have had in life. These fine tastes remain etched in one’s personality and memories, which reflect and create an individual’s style. As goes with the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour, which once experienced, will keep coming back as a story of creativity, a charming motley of fashion, music, design and technology, and as a magnificent concoction of good taste that always stay with you.

This year, the audiences witnessed a collaboration never seen before when the song Deewani Mastani from the much awaited film, Eros International and Bhansali Productions’ Bajirao Mastani unveiled its style at the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour. The timeless epic whose legacy has stayed with us for years found a natural blend of creative inspiration in the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour, a name that has come to epitomize style and good taste. Furthering the association, couturier Anju Modi who has designed the elaborate designs for the film presented the look and costumes while the leading lady from the film, Deepika Padukone brought alive Mastani on the ramp. Deepika’s solo from the movie, Deewani Mastani too was launched at the event.



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