A Handloom Voyage


‘A Handloom Voyage’ was a five-day festival showcasing the rich cultural and handloom traditions of India. Hosted by Vimor Handloom Foundation, the event was curated to bring together weavers, designers and saree enthusiasts in an effort to bridge gaps in the industry. Handlooms have stood as a signature of Indian culture and tradition for centuries, projecting its diversity, and thereby its richness. The five-day event included curated walks and interactive sessions with industry stalwarts and conservationists including Dr. Jeyraj, renowned sustainable weaver C Shekar, Educator Pratima Marwa, Gunjan Jain, Founder and Designer, Vriksh and many more of our fellow saree enthusiasts.
The event also witnessed a tribute show called ‘The Looms of Memory’ curated and choreographed by Prasad Bidapa. Speaking at the fashion show, renowned designer and enthusiast of Indian handlooms, Prasad Bidapa added, “I am proud to be associated with the ‘Handloom Voyage’ and take this opportunity to wish Vimor every continued success. The handloom pieces that were showcased today really project the beauty and richness of India’s textile heritage. From khadi, to silks and heavy bridal sarees, as well as the classic ‘lungi’,” said Prasad. The pastoral Kambli weavers from the Belgaum Kuruba community who have been making ‘Kambli’ blankets for generations also sang tales from folklore, of their traditions and their gods. As part of the ‘Handloom Voyage’ event hosted by Vimor Handloom Foundation, two Kurubas, Neelkanth Naagappa Kuruba, fondly called “Neelkanth maama’ from Hucchagaava, Belgaum and Ningappa Shankar Sanakki, Karagavu, Chikkodi, Belgaum district brought their songs to Bengaluru.



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