A Delicious Meal on The Go


                       Sumeru rolls out a meal on the go

A delicious fix for those untimely hunger pangs!

January 2019:  The fast-paced lifestyle in combination with growing awareness of eating right has led to consumers looking for more wholesome yet convenient alternatives to junk food. Understanding this consumer need for something quick and easy that is at the same time nutritious, Sumeru has launched a delicious new addition to its menu, introducing the Rolls – a full meal on the go.

A perfect solution for those untimely hunger pangs, Sumeru’s quick heat and eat rolls are available in two sumptuous variants – Chicken & Egg for those who love lean meat and the protein-rich chunky Paneer variant for the vegetarians. Cooked in an aromatic blend of spices with the added nutritious benefit of fresh vegetables, these rolls make for a guilt-free indulgence and tasty lunchtime additions. Available in a convenient pack size of 280g and 240g and the Chicken & Egg and Paneer Rolls are priced at Rs.160 and Rs.120 respectively.

Talking about the newly launched rolls R&D Head Sivakumar K, Sumeru Frozen Foods says, “We live in a time poor world, our busy work schedules and on the move lifestyle hardly allows us any time for a nutritious meal.  At Sumeru, we felt the need to address this issue and make a product that combines the taste of snack along with the goodness of a meal, this was the genesis the roll.”

“Rolls have always been an all-time favorite snack with our consumers but making authentic rolls at home is not easy which is why people look at buying it outside. However, what clearly differentiates our product is the flavor and the quality of ingredients. Each roll is made from carefully sourced produce and then cooked to perfection along with fresh vegetables, flavored with a secret combination of spices, wrapped in flaky golden brown parathas and frozen at its peak using the latest IQF technology to lock in the goodness and nutrition of the meal.” says in-house Chef Ravindranath Chatterjee, Sumeru.

Mithun Appaiah, CEO says “There is a growing demand for wholesome meal replacements that are low-prep and pre-packaged with little to no cleanup. Which is why we launched the rolls range for our consumers. The new launch is also in continuation with our strategy to launch superior products customized to the Indian palette.”

Additionally to make festive cooking easier Sumeru has also introduced its most popular export product – the Grated Coconut to its home market. The Grated Coconut is available in a pack 200g priced at Rs.80. Each pack contains the yield of two coconuts.

About Sumeru Frozen Foods:  Sumeru is among India’s leading and only brand focused in frozen foods category. Sumeru offers over 25 categories of frozen food products ranging from quick meals such as parathas to snacks such as fries, nuggets, seafood, etc. Sumeru’s products are available across 100+ cities and towns in India in 6000+ retail outlets. Besides, it is also exported to US, Middle East, UK, Japan, and Singapore markets. It has a state-of-the-art production facility in Kochi and Chittoor. Sumeru is a brand of Innovative Foods Limited, established in 1998.

Website: http://sumeru.net/



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