A Collector’s Dream


Lush greenery and extensive open spaces in the heart of the city are a rarity. As you walk through the gates of the Ranjit House, past the long drive way and the tennis court, your senses are overwhelmed by its sylvan beauty and the affable charm of the owner Ranjit Pratap.


Ranjit House, as the name suggests belongs to the widely known Chennai business tycoon Ranjit Pratap. As your senses soak in the greenery, the straight lines and square cut design of the house are what stand out. Talking about the architectural design of the house Ranjit tells us, “My father saw the design of this house in a magazine called ‘House Beautiful’. The straight lines were what stood out for him as well. The house was finally built in 1970. The interiors have been renovated a few times since.”

While by instinct most people would like to keep excessive sunlight out, Ranjit House is rather playful with its use of sun reflective glass panels. “The light brightens up the house,” Ranjit says. Not too bright; just the right amount of cheery! “It is the perfect blend of a vintage house and modern architecture,” he adds. And we couldn’t agree more.

Towards the posterior end of the living room, large rear windows offer a view of a wooden-floor patio. Decked up with Italian furniture, the white pebble bordered balcony is the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxed meal on a lazy day.


Glasses out on display and high wooden bar stools set beside a marble counter lend a cosy yet rustic feel to the bar area, while the large plush sofas and soft elegant lighting provide the modern features of the interior design.

Ranjit Pratap is widely known for two things: his business ethics and love for cars. A visit to the Ranjit house demands at least a quick scan of his car collection. Ranjit’s face instantly lights up when you ask him about the two classic cars parked out front. “I have been fond of cars from my childhood; I started collecting classic cars about ten to twelve years ago. The classic cars that I now own are the ones I dreamt of owning as a child!”

Talking about his passion, Ranjit says that despite his enthusiasm it was time and resources that delayed the onset of his car collection hobby. Reminiscing the spark that prompted his car collection, he tells us, “I owe it all to my dear friend Guhan. In 2003 he invited me to check out his garage and you could say I was bitten by the collector’s bug then!” Soon after the garage visit Ranjit set out on a buying spree and today has forty cars in his collection.


While a collection of forty cars can be quite difficult to manage, every car in the garage is in mint condition. When asked how he manages it, Ranjit chuckles, “I enjoy every bit of it. I love to spend the day in the garage working on the cars; it works as a wonderful stress buster.”



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