A collection inspired by picturesque Bali


Leading designer Rajdeep Ranawat introduces a collection titled ‘Bali’, which is inspired by the Indonesian city for his latest Autumn/Winter 2016 resort and luxury pret range for both women and men. The collection is an amalgamation of 4 different themes within the region of Indonesia inspired by the various arts, crafts and architecture around, apart from Bali’s stunning tropical motif from nature.

The season starts with the theme ‘Chintz’, inspired by the Victorian and old world artworks of wallpapers and motifs from the garments of the Chinese and Indonesian royals to be transformed into pretty prints on resort clothing in hues of ivory, creme, beige, mustards with a dash of olive and navy highlighted in beautiful chintz florals in reds, whites and pinks.

The second theme, ‘Ubud’ is a festive and a vibrant collection inspired by the hand illustrated temples and motifs from the tropical forests of Ubud. Playful foliage of orchids, jasmine and palm leaves are meticulously hand illustrated with gorgeous Macaws, Hornbills and monkeys from the forests to create this fun and quirky range in luxurious chiffons and silks in the form of kaftans, jumpsuits, tunics, hilo tops and comfy culottes. The palette includes raspberry, cobalt, emerald, beetroot, mint and mustard for the start of a fabulous festive season.

Batik’ is the craft that is synonymous to Indonesia and this needed to be interpreted in the form of high resolution prints on silks for the third theme in the same collection. Tie Dye techniques of Shibori were superimposed with motifs derived from the temples and other forms of crafts from Bali to create yet another collection with layered silhouettes perfect for travel or any casual outing. This range is mostly created in soft and fine thread count cottons combined with silk organza prints for a formal look with translucency in the casual range itself. Colours like indigo, cobalt, ivory, beige, mustard have been used vigorously to compliment the prints.

The season concludes with ‘Svargaloka’, inspired by the ancient temples in Bali and Ubud regions of Indonesia. The designer captured the beauty of these temples by photographing the intricate details of the carvings and woodwork apart from their rich gold paintings on the doors and pillars as well. This collection is a perfect start to the end of the year into January with Christmas and New Year where the prints only compliment the mood in the hues of navy, orange, black, charcoal, grey and ivory.




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