A Christmas Tree That Resonates A Strong Message!


Jaipur Marriott Hotel and Jaipur Rugs join hands for an artistic exploration and a celebration of sustainability! 

This year, Jaipur Marriott Hotel is celebrating Christmas with care towards the environment in a great way to give back to the community. The hotel has initiated an Eco friendly yet artistic Christmas tree decorated at the center of the lobby. This unique Christmas tree is an experiment for artistic exploration and a celebration of sustainability. With its auspicious and festive identity, this piece of art has created a new definition of both art and luxury.

Jaipur Marriott Hotel has joined hands with Jaipur Rugs to showcase this special Christmas tree, that is made with yarn, swatches and leftover materials thus reducing wastage from the more prevalent consumer-facing lines to craft. This initiative also revives and maintains the centuries-old art of hand-knotting rugs in India. Jaipur Marriott Hotel strongly believes that “success is never final” and their ‘Serve 360 goals’ continues to collaborate with key stakeholders, including NGOs, industry peers, associates, guests, corporate customers, owners, suppliers, and other business partners to address significant global issues, by implementing actionable solutions and enhancing impactful programs for the environment and local communities.

“This Christmas we have decided to be truly unique and one of a kind in an environment which veers towards more eco- friendly Christmas decorations options,” said Rahul Maini, General Manager – Jaipur Marriott Hotel.  “This initiative by Jaipur Rugs is set out to accomplish different types of sustainability. As the world becomes more populated and the supply of resources shrinks, Jaipur Rugs is determined to ensure that every centimetre of yarn is utilized and through financial empowerment, proper training, and a constantly available support system, the art is kept alive by Jaipur Rugs, for both present individuals and generations to come,” said Ms. Kavita Chaudhary, Design Director – Jaipur Rugs.



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