“A brothel owner could be a feminist”


Vidya Balan gets candid about her role as madame of a brothel

She has been known to speak her mind and this time during an interview with a leading English dail, Vidya Balan has been no different.


Excerpts from interview

On whether somebody who runs a brothel could be a feminist

Actually, someone who runs a brothel could very well be a feminist. We see the woman in the terms of a body, probably not even so much as a prostitute, but as the madame of a brothel, you understand that it is beyond the body. So you are not just defining the person in terms of the body anymore. It’s not just merely exploitative. She is not just picking up girls to sell them. I think she is someone who knows that I have the right over my body and these girls have the right over their bodies, and they have landed up here because of some majboori, but now that I am here, I am going to call the shots. What brought you there is unfortunate, but now that you are here, you call the shots. So she is someone who sees it as just business, there is no moral judgement to it.




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