Embark On An Exotic Culinary Yatra With Trilogi


Master Chef Rejimon at Trilogi takes you on a culinary yatra through Kerala 

Master Chef Rejimon at the Trilogy restaurant at the Crowne Plaza, Kochi takes you on an exciting culinary yatra through Kerala. The journey that began on October 7th 2016 and is on till the end of the month. Here is how the Chef describes his gastronomic journey across God’s Own Country! Call 2865000 for bookings now!

“This is the story of my second culinary quest to unearth, experience and learn the traditional delicacies of Kerala which are gradually fading from the dining tables and memories of Keralites and reacquaint my guests at Trilogi with these gastronomical traditions and culture of the bygone era. It took the better part of a year and this time I travelled the length of Kerala looking for those recipes which countless mothers and grandmothers had lovingly perfected and handed down from one generation to the next. My journey began from Sri Padmanabha Sannidhi – the seat of Lord Vishnu who rests on Ananda from whom the place derives its name – Thiruvanathapuram. Seasonal produce features prominently in the cuisine and is undoubtedly a celebration of the agrarian way of life. The best example would be the Chena Manga Vatom, a recipe shared by Mrs. Vijayalakshmi where the humble veggies – Yam and Mango combines to make a delicious and irresistible combination.


The coastal town of Kollam is renowned for its beautiful beaches and wonderful seafood. Here I was introduced to ‘Ayakoora’. Now, Ayakoora is the Malayalam name of Tuna but in Kollam the term depicts a mouthwatering dish prepared using sear fish head. The recipe was passed down to my host Mrs. Thasneem Ansar by her mother in law who was an expert cook.

At the shores of Periyar river or Aluva puzha as it is called here, Mrs. Liza Joji introduced me to the world of ‘Nazarani’ cooking. The traditional Kerala Christian food is predominantly non-vegetarian and encompasses a wide spectrum of meats, all thanks to the western influence. The Angamali style Thengakothu Beef Piralan is a royal example of the cooking style of the area. Rich spices and bold flavours of Karimeen Roast and Pork Koorka roast recipes by Mrs. Joji will definitely tantalize your tastebuds.

I moved further north towards Malabar, where gazals mingle with the smell of attar to create a festive mood and aromas of saffron, whole spices and rosewater promises that a grand feast ensues. Mrs. Sabitha Arif’s residence at Thiroor was my next destination. Here marriages are grand affairs and at the center of all festivities is ‘Puyyapla’ the groom. Now the bride’s mother or ‘Ammayi’ will go all out displaying her culinary proves by preparing a 7 day long feast fit for kings without repeating even a single dish. Mrs. Arif shared some delightful Puyyapla special recipies like Kozhi Muzhuman, Ayala Nirachathu and Beefum Pazhavum.

My journey drew to an end at Kannur where I set camp at Mrs. Thasneem Aziz’s kitchen to explore typical Malabari dishes like Meen Thappuvakkal and Uluva Cheera Chicken. My journey this year took me to different cultures, culinary schools and regional diversities but I found a common, tasteless, odorless ingredient which made all these recipes very special – the love and devotion of the ladies of the families, mothers and grandmothers who had painstakingly perfected these recipes to delight us. A big salute to all of you !! I am humbled and consider it my fortune to be acquainted with you and to learn from you.”



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