7 year old child prodigy from Pune to hold solo painting exhibition in London


Advait Kolarkar has exhibited his paintings and works of art in the US and Canada. He is now all set to hold a solo exhibition in London. Advait bagged the Global Child Prodigy Award in 2020.

This 7 year old school boy started painting with food colours at the tender age of 8 months. An exhibition of his vibrant paintings will be held at Gagliardi Gallery in London next month. The walls of his house sport the creative paintings of this prodigy kid. He paints on a variety of subjects and is extremely thrilled at the prospect of his art exhibition in London.
His paintings are born out of his imagination and he paints oceans, dinosaurs, etc and loves to play with colours. He uses a wide range of tools ranging from brushes, rollers, spatulas and even his hands and fingers. Advait will be heading to Las Vegas, New York and Italy after he completes the exhibition in London.



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