6 things that change after 6 months of dating !


Stay in date nights becomes more regular

Instead of getting all dolled up for a night out with your loved one, you prefer staying in , ordering takeout and watching a movie .

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Using the bathroom at the same time doesn’t gross you out

You maybe brushing your teeth while he takes a shower and things seem perfectly normal. You barely even lock the door anymore.

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Everything you do doesn’t have to be overly romantic

When you started dating you probably made a big deal about everything, a lunch out, a stroll in the park. Now these are things that you are just used to.

 PrettyWoman_320Pyxurz (Copy)The excessive cuddling slows down

The need to touch them and cuddle with them all the time slows down. You now get more comfortable just being around them doing your own thing as well.

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You get to know them so much better

 Once you get to the6 month mark you are automatically at a more comfortable pplace with each other. This leads to long amounts of time together which makes more aware of what the other person is really like.

It’s the first of many milestones

6 months is only the first of many milestones to cross, once you reach here you are getting stronger as a couple ready to face the rest of them!





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