6 Tamil Movies That Portrayed Adoption And Foster Care


Though its 2020 not all are open to adoption and they won’t consider the options in the first place. But Tamil cinema has always been a step ahead and showed us life at its best and worst.  Adoption was always a part of Tamil cinema and characters being in foster care, finding out their past and wanting to see their biological parents are the story lines. If they are fortunate things will end up in a good way, but if they are unfortunate they may face difficulties. Here we have 6 Tamil films that portrayed adoption.

Dharala Prabhu

An unemployed and happy guy becomes a sperm donor after a fertility doctor convinces him to become one. The guy falls in love and gets married but now is posed with a threat that his wife is unable to bear children so they decide to adopt a girl and it turns out to be the one who was born out of his sperm. After a series of misunderstandings, they finally end up together happi;y.


The look-alike brothers played by Vijay were separated after their parent’s death and end up in different places. One of them is adopted by a magician and he learns magic and eventually becomes a top magician, the other end up in a normal family and becomes a doctor. After a series of twists and turns, the brothers finally meet and unite to take revenge for their parent’s death.


Saranya Ponvannan loses one of her twin children on a train journey and he happens to be Surya, who is taken into foster care by a family in a village. They celebrate him and he becomes their favourite. His twin accidentally learns about the other and they finally meet, but later Saranya leaves her child to them as she doesn’t want them to live in the pain of losing their son.

 Kannathil Muthamittal

A little girl, Keerthana Parthipan is told by her parents that she is adopted. Determined to find her biological mother, she begs her parents to take her to Sri Lanka, where she finds her real mother working with the militant group of activists. After having a brief conversation with her mother she returns back to parents who adopted her.


Rajinikanth was taken into foster care by a well-to-do family after losing his parents. Brought up and treated as their own child, he grows up to be quite popular in the whole locality. Later he finds out his past and ventures to search his biological parents but destiny has its own play.


Parthipan brings his childhood friend, Nandita Das, and her son home as they are suffering financially. They help in household chores but issues arise between Parthipan and his wife, and Nanditha Das leaves. Later Parthipan finds her son at an orphanage and adopts him. Since then he lives with them as their son.



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