5 ways to make Eid extra special


Eid translates to Eat, Pray, Hug, Love after a month of fasting. This year you can do something amazing for your near and dear ones that goes beyond visiting relatives, eating biryani and wearing new clothes.


  • Visit an orphanage or an old-age home or a shelter for the homeless and donate and share food and spend adequate time with the people there. This way you can indulge in Zakat al-Fitr (charity) in your own way.
  • As you set about refurbishing and cleaning your home, plant a few new saplings in your garden or terrace. You could even buy some indoors plants and keep them in your room, thus contributing to the ecology.
  • This time you could probably give the traditional biryani and sheer kurma a miss. Why not learn and try out a new exotic dish for your family? Say harees for main course and  baklava or umm ali for dessert?
  • On the Eid evening, instead of flocking at relatives, you could probably go for a long drive with your partner or explore the lakes, rivers, gardens or beaches dotting your city.
  • Movie-watching is big on Eid. Many Bollywood flicks release just on this auspicious day. But this time you could go for a play or a dance drama or a music programme to savour a dose of culture.


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