5 tips to maintain your beard


It’s sweltering, but there’s no way you’re getting rid of your beard!!! Everyone from George Clooney to Shah Rukh Khan are sporting facial fuzz, so its important to know how to keep cool and look cool with your beard this summer.



Style It

If this is your first time sporting a beard, then may we suggest that you head to a stylist or good salon and get it shaped the first time. A beard is shaped in accordance with the shape of your face, your skin tone and texture, the shape of your eyes, nose and lips to give you an enhanced look. Once you’ve set the style for your face you can look at weekly home maintenance with either an electric trimmer or razor.

Trim It

If you have a sculpted face, then opt for a shorter version of the beard. Designer stubbles on the sides, with the chin area being a tad fuller, work for those who have a bit of cheek to show. A full beard is highly recommended for those with plump features. They work brilliantly to cut back cheek flab and hide a double chin.

Clean It

You might shower everyday, even twice a day. But how many men actually take time to wash their beards? Did you know that beards collect bacteria and can be one of the most contaminated parts of the body if not cleaned well? We recommend you use a mild face wash and make sure you lather the beard area thoroughly to remove any grime or dust particles. Do not use shampoo as it is usually meant to cleanse the oil from the scalp. When used on a beard shampoo will dry the facial skin below and might result in flaking. Then you’d have to deal with dandruff in your beard! Ugh!!

Oil It

Yes, there are beard oils. They’re a great way to keep facial hair soft and supple and work well to keep your beard looking smooth and shiny. You an use a hog bristle brush to groom your beard once you’ve oiled it (maybe once a week) to keep it tangle free.

Cool It 

If your beard is thick then make sure you use a hair dryer to cool it off (with a cool blast) or a warm stream to dry it in the winter months.




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