5 things to avoid sharing with your partner


Honesty is the best policy, but not always and specially with partners. You might want to tell all, but hold on, wait a minute. Think what can happen if you reveal this or reveal that. What is the ‘this’ and ‘that’, check it out:


  • Past flings – telling your partner about having someone else in the past is good. But actually describing the time you spent with that person and all that you did is completely unnecessary in your present life. So refrain.
  • Petty family dramas – it’s ok. Every house has its share of small fights. You don’t really have to be a complaint box by brooding over all the little ups and downs in your family or your partner’s family.
  • That you don’t like his or her family – please never say this outright. You have to adjust some bit as his or her family might not mean much to you, but it does mean a whole lot to your partner.
  • That soand-so is really good at sex – Act sane. Act mature. If you don’t know what to talk, then quieten down.
  • That you’re not the romantic type – You may hate the frills of romance. Fine. But don’t keep saying it. Just let it be.


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