5 signs that he’s in love with you


1. He loves gazing into your eyes


Basic human psychology would dictate that a person will look awake when they begin to lose interest. If you find your man constantly staring at you, girl, you know you’ve got him hooked!

2. He loves cuddling you


Most men like to put up a macho front, even if it is with their special ladies. They are very likely to say things like “I’m not the touchy, feely kind.” So if he loves cuddling with you, it is definitely a sign.

3.  He loves showing you off


A man in love is not scared to show off the woman he loves. He knows that no matter what they think, they are going to see how happy he is and instantly love her (most of the time).

4. He loves hearing what you have to say


If he always values your opinion and anything that you have to say, it means that he values you as a whole! You can make sure of that if you see him asking for your opinion before making a big decision or talking to you about something that’s bothering him!

5. He is your best friend


In order to love someone romantically, you also have to love them in other ways. As your relationship grows, he will value your friendship and companionship, too.




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