5 quirky things to do in Paris


The city of lights and romance is an overwhelming experience in life. When in Paris, ditch the usual. Do the quirky. Explore the unwalked paths and stumble upon exciting facets about Parisian life.

Paris Collage

  • Walk through Rue Denoyez near Belleville exploring walk art and graffiti. It’s sort of an open art gallery that rings in a riot of colours, prints, and sketches.
  • Enjoy free music performances at any of the metro stations. Enter a train and you’ll have the poor of Paris playing a nice note on their instrument, post which you’re obliged to give them a penny! The stations also have urchins playing on various instruments in a city that moves too fast to notice them.
  • Go on a crepe-feasting tour. The roadside stalls near Arc de Triomphe, at the Opera, Le Marais are laden with carts that dish out crepes. Avoid crepes that have been previously made and insist on freshly-prepared ones. With a drizzle of sugar or cheese, they make for a great bite.
  • Explore Paris’ major railway stations like Gare du Nord, Garde de Lyon, Gare de Est. they stations are vibrant buildings with mediaeval architecture and provide a clear glimpse into the lives of passengers, hawkers, railways officials and urchins.
  • Watch students practice theatre, senior citizens indulge in Tai Chi and couples get cosy at the numerous parks and gardens dotting the city.


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