5 quirky cafes and restaurant in Hyderabad


We are suckers for all things quirky and are shamelessly open about it. Thanks to our quirk-addict (that should be a word if it isn’t) we’ve found 5 cafés and restaurants that we love for it’s fun and quirky interiors.

1) Eclaire: The mason jar shaped menus, the cup and saucer lights, the glass tea cup chandelier and the antiques around the store is all that we are going to say.

2) Madras Cafe: The colourful interiors, the super cool industrial lights?! What else!!

3) SodaBottleOpenerwalla: Aye Dikra! This typical Irani bakery will have you revising your times in Mumbai (if you’ve been there, of course). What we love- the jukebox, the colourful walls, the mason jar lights, the hand written rules on a chalkboard,  the jars filled with candy and savoury tidbits.

4) The Gallery Cafe: A space for all things ART! what’s not to love. It’s absolutely hookah and smoke-free. The industrial lights, the art corner, the music session they have there. Idyllic for creative people!

5) ASAP! Bistro: It translates into As Social as Possible and has interiors inspired directly from comics. Their coasters, and posters are scenes from comics.





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