5 musicians to watch out for in Hyderabad


Gone are the days when everyone would complain there are no gigs happening in Hyderabad. Sure, it’s been a snail-paced evolution from a dead music scene to today’s “there’s-a-gig-every-night-of-the-week” scene. Here are 5 musicians we think you should check out while you’re in Hyderabad.

1 – Arpit Chourey: Who says Hyderabad lacks talent. Whoever did surely hasn’t seen Arpit perform! An Associate -Financial Advisory Services in an MNC by day, and musician by night, he can strum a 6 string like no other whilst playing the harmonica (mouth organ). He’s a one man show and if you’re looking for some Folk Rock/Pop, Indie Rock and Acoustic Rock, Arpit’s your –go-to-guy!


2 – Pranati Khanna Razvi: This 22 year’s idiosyncratic vocals can make your day when she belts out some old school rock and pop numbers. Whether you want The Beatles or Bruno Mars, at Pranati’s gig, you’re sure to sing along! What sets her apart, are the vocals and that means, you have to check her out.


3 – Shiv Menon: If you’re looking for someone who plays the blues like it’s meant to be played, then Shiv is your man.  Not just the blues though, this guitarist can play literally anything from John Mayer to Led Zeppelin and even Hindi on request.


4 – Leenus Livingstone: A founder, lead guitarist, songwriter and composer of the UK Hard Rock – Heavy Metal Band Metalloid. Now settled in Hyderabad, Leenus will take you back to your musical roots via his rocking renditions of bands like Guns n Roses, Bryan Adams and the works.



5 – Ferdinand Dsouza: If you’re looking for an entertaining evening where you not only see some skills on the strings, but have fun listening to covers that will have you dancing in your chair and originals that are inspired by life and his friends. With a voice like Eddie Vedder’s and skills like no other, there’ll never be a dull moment when Ferdie’s up on stage.







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