5 Holiday Hotspots For Bangalore’s Gorgeous Ladies


They’ve all been bitten by a serious case of wanderlust…. places they frequent in search of fashion, fun and friends. Bangalore’s pretty ladies just love to leave their mark across the globe. Here’s a list of 5 fun destinations they’ve been painting red this summer!

Kulsum Shahdab Hotur – Dubai

Be it business or pleasure, and she does her fair share of both at this beautiful city, Kulsum loves hanging out in Dubai. From high fashion to the best of everything life has to offer this is one place she frequents and considers her second home.

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Ashwini Oza – Berlin 

This jewellery designer is always in search of new inspiration. And this month she’s found it in Germany. She’s enjoying herself with her family exploring the city of Berlin and soaking in the city’s beautiful architecture and sights.

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Ravina Belani – Boston 

It’s Boston that’s this pretty lady’s favourite. Simply because Rhea her gorgeous daughter studies here! Ravina’s having a great time chilling with friends and family in this lovely city.

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Anjum Razack Jung – Istanbul 

Once again in search of more inspiration coupled with some relaxation, Anjum Razack Jung explored the treasures of Istanbul. The ancient Islamic architecture enthralled her and she bombarded her friends on FB with stunning pictures of the scenery.

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Ila Naidu – London 

London, she says, is her second home. Her sister resides in Nottingham and Ila began her dose of fun with her older sis as soon as she stepped off the plane! After a week in London though it was off to Munich for this beauty and her family to explore the countryside and soak in some German sights. And a li’l birdie told us that Ila planned the German leg of her holiday just to indulge her young son Vir!!!

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