42nd International Film Festival


Every year Ghent Film festival presents some 200 feature films and short films from around the globe. The festival enjoys an excellent international reputation and is quite unique in focusing on the impact of music on film. The International Film Festival of Flanders Ghent is also the organizer and driving force behind the World Soundtrack Academy. The awards ceremony is inevitably the high point of the festival. Every year the festival also organizes concerts of film music and exhibitions which have a link with film.

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This year the 42nd Film Fest Ghent is putting contemporary British cinema in the spotlight, with a selection of new BritPics in the UK Cinema section. But the festival will also pay tribute to British film history by screening several Classics. The concert programme of the Great British Film Music Concert, meanwhile, reads like an anthology of British film (music). This concert will be held on 22 October in De Bijloke, with several renowned film composers in attendance.


Where  :Different locations,9000 Ghent

When :  From Tuesday, October 13, 2015 To Saturday, October 24, 2015



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