4 types of friends to beware of


Friends are great fun to have, but can turn worse than enemies. Here are the types you should stay away from to avoid turmoil in your life:


  • The pessimist: this friend of yours only sees the negatives in life. The glass is always half empty for them. Avoid them. At all costs. Unless you want to invite depression to your life.
  • Gossipmonger – if he / she gossips day and night, chances are they might gossip about you too. Be careful around such people. Don’t get over-friendly and never reveal secrets to them.
  • Attention-seeker – they will throw tantrums and act like kiddos. Avoid such friends at all costs. They just want to focus to be on them and this will do you no good.
  • The debtor – he or she always needs money. Your money. You have been obliging so far. But now it’s time to put your foot down and refuse. It’s important for this person to manage their finances without relying on your courtesies.





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