4 superb ways to avoid annoying relatives


‘Relatives’ is one irritating category of individuals we all love to hate. Here is how you can avoid them inconveniencing you at any given moment.

annoying relatives

  • Call in sick – If you have to visit the relatives, or if they are visiting you, this is a good reason to avoid staring at their faces and questions. Even if calling in sick looks a bit kiddish.
  • Meet long forgotten friends – set up appointments with your friends for a lunch, movie, play or just a quick chat over coffee.
  • Turn to work – even if you detest work otherwise, when relatives come calling, work transforms from you foe to friend. Say you have work and either go out (pretending to go to office), or just lock yourself in your bedroom watching movies.
  • Turn attention to kids – if there is no way you can avoid them for some or the other reason, then it is best to engage yourself with the tiny-tots to avoid adult eyes following you.




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