“-29˚Celcius in Lapland” An exhibit of images from Lapland by Kamal Chilaka


FOCUS art GALLERY presents “-29˚Celcius in Lapland” An exhibit and sale of limited edition photographs by KAMAL CHILAKA

Lapland can also be described as the land of 8 seasons, Christmas , Frosty Winter , Crusty Snow , Departure of Ice , Midnight Sun , Harvest Season , Colourful Autumn , First Snow .

February typically experiences the coldest days of the year. During this season the landscape is covered in a blanket of white from Frost, Snow and Ice.

That “Winter Wonderland” is what I set out to capture during mid February earlier this year.

In this exhibit I have attempted to share with you the same sensory feelings I experienced in those sub zero temperatures as I stood there taking in the cold clean winter air and trekking in ankle deep snow past Frozen Streams, Intimate landscapes, snow covered cabins and magical frost covered trees .

Have I succeeded in doing that? That is a question only the viewer can answer.

This time I have experimented with some new mediums in addition to the traditional Framed Archival Prints. These photographs have been printed by the best fine Art Printers in Germany and India to my specifications and then framed with Acid free Matting and High Quality veneers.

All Photographs will be limited edition works limited to a run of just 9+1 Artist Copy per photograph.

About Kamal Chilaka

Kamal is a passionate Landscape and Travel Photographer based dually in Singapore and India.

He travels travel across the globe searching for that perfect juxtaposition of light and subject.

He shares his vision with the world as Limited Edition Prints. He is also the resident Artist and Director of Eyemage Gallery.

When he is not travelling on assignment he shoots Fine Art Portraiture and teaches photography at the Eyemage Training Centre.

Kamal leads Photo Tours in India and Overseas.You can check out his upcoming tours.

If you have a travel assignment or project that you would like him to work on you can mail him at kamal@eyemage.photography.



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