20 Fun Games To Play With Your Family To Get Through The Lockdown


Quarantined and don’t know what fun games to play with your family? Here are 21 interesting games that will help you spend some amazing time with your family.


Tambola is a number game. One person calls the numbers between 1-90 and the other players to strike those numbers on their tambola tickets. If you want it to be a cash prize game then sell all the tambola tickets for a fixed amount or else you get goodies for all the winners. There are different winning points in the game like early 5, first row, second row, third row, temperature, corners, full house among others. Decide your winning points and enjoy!

Word Whiz

Now, this is a great game to engage the kids of the house, it is an interesting game that also helps in the vocabulary development of your child. For this game, you need a dictionary, paper, and a pencil/pen. Each player gets a chance to read out a word from the dictionary and ask the players to write the meaning of that word on their sheet. The player who gets the dictionary chooses a word which they think the other players don’t know about. This way, the definition that matches or is close to the word wins. The player with the highest point wins the game.


This is such an entertaining game! One member of the family will be playing the music, facing the wall. All the other members will be dancing to the tunes and when the music stops, all of them need to freeze in that position, be it anything. The player who fails to freeze their position loses and then it is their turn to play the music.

Name Place Animal Thing

All you need to do to play this fun mind game is getting ready with a sheet of paper and a pen. Divide your sheet into 4 sections, Name (1), Place (2), Animal (3) and Thing (4). Now one player randomly selects a letter for you and you need to write down in all the columns. This is a fun game that is enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. If you fill in the categories with your right answer then you get a point, if not, you don’t get anything. The player with the highest points wins the game.

Twenty Questions

20 questions are an oldie as compared to indoor games we play today but it is always something exciting about this game. When the entire family is sitting along, this is one game that will take away all the boredom. Make one person think of anything, it can be about an object, a person or just anything. All the other members of the family get 20 questions in total to guess what that person is thinking about. Interesting right?

Dumb Charades

The movie guessing game is so entertaining! The players are not allowed to speak but they need to act the name of the movie with different gestures or their body language. You can give the players the title of any movie of your choice and they should make sure that the other members of the team understand it while they act. If not movies, you also do a guessing game around books, famous personalities or even TV shows.

Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi (King, Soldier, Knight, and Thief)

This is a four-player game that you just can’t miss playing! Make 4 chits, write all these four names – Raja, Mantri, Chor, and Sipahi. Shake and throw these chits. One who gets the Raja is safe. The Mantri has to guess who is the chor. If the guess is right then he wins!


Pictionary is an interesting mind game where you need to guess the right word from the picture drawn by the player from another team. Divide your family into two groups or ask any member to go and draw a picture of something on a paper or board and then you guess! The team or player who guesses the word right wins the game!

Card Game

You can play so many fun card games with your deck of cards. The card game is enjoyed by everyone and the perfect way to pass time. This doesn’t really have any fixed rules and can be played between all the members of the family to a minimum of 2 members. There are different games you can play like rummy, teen patti, patte pe patta, satti paan, blackjack among others.

Passing The Pillow

Make everyone sit in a circle. One person stands facing the wall and starts playing music. As the music starts, begin passing the pillow around the circles. When the person stops the music, the player who has the pillow has to do what the other players ask them to do.

Guess The Sound

Guessing games are always fun and so is this one! In this game, you need to collect some objects that make a sound. Keep them in a box and then ask all the players to blindfold. One player will have to make a sound from the object and then ask the players to guess what it is. Blindfolded players will have to guess the object and one who does it first wins the round. Continue it with all the objects.

Memory Game

This is an interesting memory game for your kids. The game is all about remembering what all items were purchased by the players. It all starts with the first player saying “I went shopping and bought a ___,” (They can say anything, like chocolate), the other player continues the game saying, “I went shopping and bought (name of the item purchased by the first player) and then another item purchased by them.” If any player forgets the items in between they are out of the game. If the last person remembers all the items then they win the game.

Balance Beam

Use this time to develop the balancing skill in your child. Learning how to balance can prevent your kid from getting injured while they are playing. You can make them practice balancing at home too. Use tape to make a straight line in the living area. Ask your child to walk one foot over the other across the tape. You can also ask your child to walk backward.

Join The Dots

It was last in school when I remember playing this game. Your one line can decide between your victory and defeat and that’s the fun part about the game. All you need is a paper and pen. Draw dots all over the page at a distance and then join them to make a box. The player with the maximum boxes wins the game.

4 Papers

Your kids will love this guessing game too! Pick a category, say movie names or names of famous personalities. Now make 4 paper chits for every player. They will write down the name of the personality/ title of the movie on these chits and then collect them in a bowl. Now make two groups and one player in each group will come forward and pick a chit. The player will have to make the opposing group understand what’s written in the chit. The player can’t make any sound during the game. This continues till all the papers are done. Team with maximum guesses wins the game.

Treasure Hunt

If you wish to keep your kids engaged then this game is a great game. Hide goodies or coins at different places in the house and give your kids hints and clues to reach them. You can hide chocolate in their cereal box or under their bed and let them find their treats.

Chinese Whisper

This is a fun, challenging game. Sit in a circle and it begins with one person whispering something into the ear of the person sitting next to them. Use long phrases. This message has to continue until it reaches the last person. It gets tricky with it is a long, complicated phrase.

Musical Chairs


If you have a big joint family then this game is perfect! So, if you are 10 members in the family, set 9 chairs in your living area or terrace. The players start to walk around the chairs as the music plays and when it stops, the player who doesn’t get a chair is out of the game. This continues until the last chair. The player who manages to sit on the last chair wins the game. You can give a dare or punishment to all the players who keep losing through the game to make it all more fun.

Blindfold Game

If you have a big veranda or a terrace then blindfold is an exciting, fun game. Kids love this game and you can play this game and enjoy some fun time with them. Just blindfold one member of the family and then ask them to find you using their other senses. It is so much fun when they bump into objects in between or even players. This one is a classic blindfold game, hide and seek but you can also enjoy the blindfold game in different ways.

Indoor Bowling

Miss going to your favorite bowling place then turn your home into a bowling zone. You need some open space, play on your veranda or your terrace. Place empty bottles or cans and using a plastic ball or a paper ball start hitting the cans. You can place these bottles on top of each other or keep them separately through the area.




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