2 boys from Bihar find crores in their bank accounts


Two school students from Bihar have accounts in Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank. They were expecting money under a government scheme to buy school uniforms and to pay their fees. They were in for a huge surprise when they found crores of rupees credited to their account.
Ashish, a class 6 student found himself rich by over 6.2 crore while another student found Rs 900 crore credited to his account. The boys along with their parents made a dash to the public internet centre at the village to check whether the money had come and were shocked to find crores of rupees credited into their accounts. On hearing the news, many villagers rushed to the bank to see if they had been lucky too.

The branch manager of the bank explained that there was some glitch in the computerised system and though the amount was visible in their statements, the money was not there in the accounts. The bank is conducting investigations into the transactions.



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