108 Surya Namaskar on World Health Day in Hyderabad




Let us get together to promote the importance of good health through yoga.

For those of you who missed it last time, mark your calendar in advance and be there in person and with lot of enthusiasm.

Again, remember it’s not the number which is important but the zeal and enthusiasm to participate and experience the whole journey.

Having said that, as seen last time people have stepped out of their comfort zone and with the help of the group energy, most of them found them doing the 108 surya namaskars…

So please come and be a part of it and be surprised at your own strength and potential.
Open for everyone; please bring your own mats, napkin and bottle of water.

Where: Aalankrita Resorts, Thumkunta Village, Karimnagar Main Road, Secunderabad, Hyderabad

Date & Time: 10 April, 06.30 AM



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