Bengaluru, Ready to Jazz It Up At The Bartender?


This Friday, the Muse Room Presents the Band, Frijo’s Not Yet Dance (FNYJ)!

The Muse Room opens its door to a night of Jazz and soul with the very talented band Frijo’s Not Yet Jazz (FNYJ). The band was formed in Bangalore, India in January 2014 when pianist/composer Frijo Francis decided act on his skills and raise the bar of Jazz in India, reaching out to a wider audience with the support of talented musicians and friends he has worked with along the way. The band involves in bringing out the best in jazz while actively experimenting with various other genres of music ranging from rock or trance or western classical to Indian ragas. FNYJ believes that sounds and silences are the key of music and wants to drive it though this dream project.

So, work around your blues and let jazz free your minds! Catch them LIVE on 12 May, 2017 at 10PM at the Bartender, Koramangala. For early-bird phone bookings, call +91 95391 09000.



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