104 year old woman from Kerala excels in exams


Kuttiyamma is a 104 year old centenarian from Kerala. She has done her state proud by scoring 89/100 in the Kerala State Literacy Mission’s test and has proved that age is just a number.
The Kerala State Literacy Mission Authority is funded by the state government and aims to promote literacy, continuing education and lifelong learning for all citizens. It also provides equivalency programs for 4th, 7th, 10th. 11th and 12th standards.

Kuttiyamma’s success has not only given her a reason to smile but has also given the Kerala government a reason to be happy about the success of its famed literacy endeavours.
Vasudevan Sivankutty, Education Minister for Kerala had posted a picture of Kuttiyamma on social media to congratulate her after she excelled in the exam conducted by the state government’s continuing education initiative.



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