100 Lantana Elephants To Travel Around The World!

A few elephants will be installed in Fort Kochi for a month starting on the 7th February
A 100 life-size lantana elephants have set sail on their global journey to raise funds towards the Asian Elephant Fund and spread the message of coexistence. Each elephant is based on a real wild elephant in the Nilgiris, clearing the forests of Lantana, a harmful weed, created by a team of 70 tribal artisans, to be auctioned in the UK and United States with proceeds going to the Fund.
Their Cochin residency was flagged off by Mr KJ Sohan, setting a few elephants on a journey through the city towards Fort Kochi where they will be installed for a month starting on the 7th of February. Ruth Ganesh, principal trustee of the Elephant Family who conceptualised the project, Shubhra Nayar from the Real Elephant Collective who designed the elephants, and Tarsh Thekaekara, an elephant researcher at The Shola Trust, were also present at the event.


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