10 year old girl dies after getting bitten by a snake

A 10 year old school girl in Kerala died after she was bitten by a snake in her classroom. Shehala Sherin was injured after her leg got caught in a crack in the floor of the classroom. There were red spots on her leg. The teacher refused to take her to the hospital saying that the spots may have been caused by a nail or by the sharp edges of the hole on the floor.. She was finally taken to the hospital after a long delay. Doctors at 4 different hospitals treated the child but sadly the girl died.
Her parents alleged that none of the four hospitals where they treated the girl administered anti venom. The teacher at the Government Sarvajana High School and a doctor at the Bathery taluk hospital were suspended after a preliminary inquiry ordered by the government found them guilty of delaying treatment to the girl. The Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan posted in his Facebook account that the government has taken this tragic incident very seriously and stringent action would be taken against the persons responsible for it.


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