Women’s entry into Sabarimala temple

A Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court led by Chief Justice of India Dipak Mishra observed that denying right of entry to women between 10 to 50 years of age into Sabarimala temple just because of their menstrual cycle is unreasonable and also amounts to the practice of untouchability.

The Chief Justice said that once a temple is open, everyone has a right to go and offer prayers and is a Public place of worship.There were many temples where entry is allowed up to a certain point but in the case of the Sabarimala temple entry is totally banned. A temple being a Public place of worship should allow women also to enter.Moreover it is a fundamental right of women to enter into any place of worship.The Bench also observed that woman is a creation of God and as per Article 25 of the Constitution, all persons are entitled to profess or practice or propogate any religion.