The star strikes back: Nakshathra Nagesh

She lives true to the meaning of her name. Nakshathra or Shining Star embodies every quality that a star should possess. She’s always sparkling, bubbly and full of life. Anchor, VJ and actor, Nakshathra Nagesh rose to fame after her role in En Iniya Pon Nilave and As I Am Suffering from Kadhal. RITZ Magazine caught up with the cute, chirpy and naughty Nakshathra over a fun and quirky rapid fire interview. 

Written by: NAMITA GUPTA

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Location Courtesy: TRIDENT, CHENNAI

Hair & make-up: PAGE 3 SALON, CHENNAI

What do you do when you’re annoyed?

If there’s something that annoys me then I keep quiet and let it pass.

What do you love and hate about photo shoots?

Love is dressing up and hate is even when you get tired you will be asked for one more change or two more changes and you just have to do it.

One food that you would want to eat for the rest of your life?


What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Once we went for a dandiya night at a mall and there were stalls selling jalebi and samosa etc, but we were craving for doughnuts and there was a doughnut place there and we wished it would open up. To our luck we saw one person walking into the kitchen and we literally begged him to give us one doughnut and he was generous enough to give us three doughnuts at 2 am.

You say cooking is therapeutic. What will you choose for a lifelong career – Actor or Chef?

When I was studying hotel management I realised that once you become a chef you do everything but cook. So I’d rather cook for my own little family and maybe have my own restaurant, but for a lifelong career option, I love what I’m doing right now.

With a super power, what will you change about and the world?

I’d want to know when someone’s lying. Often in this industry people give you compliments all the time and I sometimes wonder why they’re saying that. So, maybe when someone lies, there should be a signal to know if it’s the truth or not.

Who is your latest crush?

Vijay Devarakonda.

What is Style according to you?

I have to be comfortable in whatever I wear. One can wear the most in trend stylish clothing, but if you’re not comfortable in it you won’t be confident and won’t be able to pull it off. It can be something as basic as a saree or a salwar kameez.

If you can relate to one of the Pancha Boothas (Five Elements of Nature), what would that be?


Worst pick up line?

While growing up I was always a very chubby child and I would hit boys so no one used to dare come to me and now I’m busy with my work so not many people have tried to approach me yet. But recently there’s this one person who likes all my Instagram posts and comment on all of them saying I want you and I want to marry you. 

One advice that you hate?

When people come and say you’re a lady you should do this and that. I hate it when people gender discriminate. 

Pattu saree or party dress?

Pattu saree.

One makeup product you dislike but you still use?

I love all the makeup products, but I find contouring very weird as it instantly changes a person’s look, but for us it’s very important as we are expected to look in a certain way in front of the camera. 

One fashion tip?

Dress according to your body shape, especially for us Indian women. Wear something that fits rather than you trying to fit into that dress.

Best dish in chef Nakshathra’s kitchen?


Five years later what do you think would change about you? 

I really hope nothing changes. Maybe, my hair colour.

How did you nail the drunk tone in Dhaadi?

We dubbed that at 1 am so it was like a very late night dubbing session. We had a few references so it wasn’t very difficult.