Prithvi Fine Art & Cultural Centre launched Sangeeta Gupta’s book, ‘EKAM : The Supreme One’

Prithvi Fine Art & Cultural Centre launched Sangeeta Gupta’s book, ‘EKAM : The Supreme One‘, at a private event jointly organized with Mrs Ratan Kaul. The book of photographs and poetry is inspired by the different moods of the Dal Lake in Srinagar.

The book was unveiled by eminent Kashmiri, Mr. K. L. Ganju (Consul General (Hony.) of the Republic of Union of the Comoros and Member of the (Hony). He is also Consular Corps Diplomatique – India, Director – F. I. C. A. C (AISBL), World Federation of Consuls).

Other guests present at the launch were Writer and Curator Sushma K Bahl, Lorraine Young (Vice President, Australia New Zealand Association Delhi), Peter Stall, Geoffrey Lepps, Maneesh Baheti (Founder Director, South Asian Association for Gastronomy), Neelima Agrawal (CEO, The Luxury Chronicle), Renu Hussain (Wife of Syed Shahnawaz Hussain), Fashion Designers Preeti Ghai and Shilpa Raina Wahal and many more.

This is a book of photographs of the various moods of the beautiful Dal Lake in Srinagar, as it kept changing with the different seasons, further embellished with poetry written by Sangeeta Gupta.

Sangeeta Gupta shot these pictures when she was posted in Srinagar as the Principal Commissioner of Income Tax of Jammu & Kashmir. She captured the beauty of the lake in every medium of art, in her photographs, her poetry, her paintings, as she returned from work in her Shikara, or walked on the banks of the Dal. The canvases of her these works are also on display at the Prithvi Gallery as part of her on-going exhibition ‘Neel-Mysteries of Blue.

As Kashmir remains on the boil for all the wrong reasons, the beauty of the region and its simple and gentle denizens, continue to inspire the artist, lifting one’s heart to the Divine in each of us.