Prasanna Karthik – Stunning In Silk

The Saree weavers of kanchipuram wove together the twinkle of a woman’s tears, her soulful smile, the colors of her many moods and the softness of her touch.
Prasanna Karthik (1)
And when he was done, he sat back and smiled.The pattu saree has transcended generations of women with ever changing fashion culture. 
Prasanna Karthik (2)
Featured here is Prasanna Karthik, a talented odissi dancer,carnatic singer and a fashion enthusiast in Los Angles, California, clad in a beautiful ornate Kanchipuram pattu(silk) saree embellished with a turquoise blue border and gold jumkas staying true to the traditions of India.  It a way of retaining and expressing their identity in a bustling city where glamour and hollywood are inseparable.