Packing a power punch: Megha More

True dedication and passion for their work is what mattered most to these enterprising youngsters who have taken an entrepreneurial plunge after successful corporate stints to give back to society. They provide tailored health strategies for physical and mental well being for weight management and are helping millions of Indians achieve peak wellness. These nutripreneurs are doing their bit to shun away the belief that being healthy isn’t easy and reiterating the fact that health food can be tasty too. We speak to entrepreneurs in the health food and preventive healthcare space who emerged stronger from their own falling and are now urging others to not just eat healthy, but live a healthy lifestyle and achieve holistic wellness apart from looking and feeling fabulous.

Text: Namita Gupta

Megha More

Megha More has been working hard on her entrepreneurial venture Truweight. She did something many wish to do but few actually dare — she left a well-paying corporate job to follow her heart. Today, she has an experienced team that counsels people online about obesity, with 60 nutritionists on board, and has also co-authored a book on weight loss and super foods. Although she was already in the fitness business with a chain of gyms before she conceived, Truweight was different because it was a food-based weight management solution that was really effective. Megha decided to make a difference in the society by helping people change their eating habits to curb obesity, diabetes and other PCOD problems in women. “I was in Chicago when I saw people going for morning runs even while it was snowing outside! That got me interested in running and I ran my first half marathon which was my first tryst with health and fitness. It inspired me to come back to India and start something in the health space to make Indians healthier. I started in Hyderabad with fitness centres designed for women with special circuit training using hydraulic machines and soon realised that fitness is not equal to weight loss, and that was a bigger market need. We pivoted to nutrition and food, which as per research, contributes more to weight loss. Truweight is a food based weight loss programme. The three pillars of Truweight are personalised diet charts, superfood kits and tech-based mentoring. We give customised diet charts through a personal dietician. We have our own range of 45 proprietary food products especially formulated to increase the nutrition content of regular foods – for example our version of upma is higher in protein, detox teas and we include nutritious food that is currently missing from our diet, like a healthy concoction of greens including spirulina and moringa, alfalfa grass and wheatgrass in a ready-to-mix drink format. There is extensive tech-based mentoring and monitoring. We believe eating right is the only sustainable solution to lasting weight loss. We offer a range of superfoods as part of the programme. We are also the only company to develop exclusive technology in not just monitoring diet logs, but also in designing the most scientific diet charts which are part of an interactive feedback process. We are pleasantly surprised by the benefits of eating right and this inspires us to continue our research. There is no greater happiness than reading client testimonials of how their lives have changed post the programmes. I am not in the business of weight loss, I am transforming lives, one kg at a time.”


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