Korean music performance at Phoenix MarketCity

Providing an unforgettable experience of Korean music to the city, Phoenix MarketCity in association with INKO centre, presented an evening of evocative and reflective music by hosting the World Music Ensemble of E-DO led by Kyung Hwa You, on Wednesday evening.

Rendering songs like Bison (an introductory prayer), Bird of Oblivion, Road, Simchung, Brave Moonlight and others, the artists demonstrated a unique blend of conventional and New-Age melodies. The melodies created a wave of positive vibrations and exuded magnificent energy for the listeners. The progressive rhythms with a balanced shift in the harmonies created a distinct tempo that transformed the complete atmosphere at the mall.

The contemporary interpretations performed by the band truly resonated with the Chennai audience, casting a musical trance over everyone. The evening was an escape from the existing reality to the mystical lands of Korea and effused a great sense of enthusiasm among the audience.