International Clown Festival at Phoenix MarketCity

The entertaining clowns are back in Bangalore as Phoenix Marketcity turns five. As a part of the week long anniversary celebrations, The International Clown Festival is coming back to Phoenix Marketcity so be prepared to laugh uncontrollably. The 5th edition of the International Clown Festival will feature clowns from across the globe. This event is taking the family entertainment to the next level.

The International Clown Festival- India is now in its 5th Edition and is proud to present you ‘Clowns that Ran away from the Circus’.

Often you hear about young ones running away to join the circus. Well, here is a twist. We have a bunch of clowns who ran away from the circus. Come watch Flubber and his international friends Sparky, Timmyto, Benji and Maggie perform their own version of a circus.  The clowns will do what they do best. Create their world of imagination, through slapstick, comedy, juggling, magic and masti.  Kids will laugh, teenagers will be amazed at their skills and the youth will want to emulate them. And Parents? Well they will learn a new meaning to the phrase ‘Be a Clown’.

 The International Clown Festival Shows will include


  • UNICYCLING (Regular and Giraffe)
  • JUGGLING (5 Juggling Clubs l up to 7 balls l 8 Bouncing Balls l Diablo)

Event dates: October 22 and 23, 2016

Venue: Phoenix MarketCity Bangalore

Time: 4Pm

Entry Free