Celebration Of Women Power

SADHANA is FLO’s signature annual event,which recognizes and honours outstanding women achievers at the time of the International Women’s Day. The FICCI Ladies Organization popularly known as FLO has an active Chapter in Coimbatore and the dynamic Srivyshnavi Annush the incumbent Chair alongwith her team had organized this beautiful event at Zone by The Park,on Friday the 26 th of February 2016. ┬áThe Coimbatore Chapter of FLO commenced its journey under the stewardship of L.Nagaswarna with 20 members during the year 1992 and today it boasts of 88 members.This unit of FLO has done much over the years and has been widely recognized in this part of the country for its good work.
Zone by the Park on Avinashi Road is a new property and it is a gem adding to the already hospitable atmosphere of Coimbatore – An entrepreneurial city that has grown with modern India. The Awards ceremony was on the fourth floor and the members of FLO added a subtle glow to the surroundings. While Jayashri Ravi and Venkatalakshmi Silesh took care of the of the proceedings ,the event was graced by the famous Suhasini Manirathnam – A star from the world of cinema. Suhasini Manirathnam spoke at length while sitting beside Srivyshnavi Annush on dias and had a productive interaction with the audience. She spoke about herself,her career, her special moments while also sharing interesting anecdotes relating to her son who is at Oxford. The event became all the more memorable, thanks to her wonderful role as the Guest of Honour. Ritz happens to be the media partner and the awardees D.Yuvarani and Archana Singhal spoke to Rajesh Govindarajulu on the sidelines of this event.
Ritz: Congrats , Mrs.D.Yuvarani. Tell us a bit about your long journey?
D.Yuvarani : I am very happy that I have been given this award by FLO and I wish to state that it has been possible because of my friends and well wishers. I got married to Dhanapal in the year 1984 and was a homemaker until 1988. Later my husband suffered business losses and my life was a struggle. Fortunately the Avinashilingam Jan Shikshan Sansthan offered a programme on Beauty Culture & Health Care in 1999 and on completion of the course I worked for a few years in a parlour.Later on I founded the Miami Beauty Parlour on Thiruvenkataswamy Road in the busy R.S.Puram area.
Ritz: Tell us about your business please
D.Yuvarani: The parlour came up in 2001, 17 years after my arrival as a bride from Salem. I used my venture to mploy over 30 women who got trained in the same Avinashilingam Jan Shikshan Sansthan. Simultaneously I began another parlour in Avrampalayam near the nationally famous Sri Ramakrishna Hospital and the rest has been history. I reached a level of earning Rs.1.5 lakhs per month and with all this I am happy to state that one of my sons is a Doctor while the other has done engineering.
Ritz: What made you successful?
D.Yuvarani : First and foremost my learning curve at the institute and at the place of work from day one. Besides all this , the support of my clients and their good word about the parlour. Hard work and service went hand in hand and now I am the recipient of this nice award.
Ritz: What makes life beautiful mam?
D.Yuvarani: The very fact that we are able to survive adversities and continue makes life beautiful. At our parlour we are showcasing the inner and hidden beauty of a person in a detailed manner. I am happy for life has been beautiful for me because I am an entrepreneur,homemaker, wife,mother,daughter,daughter in law, mother in law and a grand mother too.
Ritz: Your message for upcoming women entrepreneurs?
D.Yuvarani: Persevere from day one. Kindly choose your path after a good thought process. If you are unable to think well, take the help of friends and family or people of knowledge and experience known to you. Ensure that you only think of your work and nothing else until you reach a certain level. Integrity and service are that other inputs that will make you really successful.