A nose like rose – all about nose piercing

Many women face the dilemma – should they or should they not pierce their nose? What would really help is if they had some information about it, so that they can take an informed decision. In many cultures and traditions around the world, women undergo ear and nose piercing rituals for religious reasons. According to Ayurveda, the traditional Hindu system of medicine, the left side of a women’s nose is connected to her reproductive organs. Nose piercing can significantly reduce the pain during childbirth and reduce issues like endometriosis. Many people still think that nose or ear piercings are just meant for women, and this is where they are wrong. Even guys have their ears and nose pierced in many cultures. While it is common for a girl to pierce her left nostril, guys typically pierce their right nostril, but this may vary according to different cultures. Even aesthetically, piercing the left nostril for a woman looks better than the right nostril. Many people wonder about the pain that is felt during nose piercing. It is likely to feel like a sharp ant bite on your nose, and it’ll make your eyes water for a few minutes. But it is not an everlasting pain, and for that matter, no pain is everlasting! Some people like to get their cartilage pierced. This is also called the rhino nose piercing, and this can be painful because the tissue is thicker than your nostril. There are lots of anesthetic creams in the market that help reduce the pain, e.g. Lidocaine cream is an over the counter medicine, which works wonders when applied on the area the one has chosen for piercing. It has to be applied about 30 minutes before the piercing. Always check for drug allergies and perform a skin sensitivity test before applying any cream. Nose piercings can take anywhere from a few days to weeks to heal, while cartilage piercings can even take up to a few months to heal. If you are diabetic or have other health conditions, it may delay the healing process. Applying coconut oil or a non-perfumed antiseptic moisturizing cream or gel on the pierced part can help it heal a lot faster. Make sure not to expose the pierced area to direct sunlight or swimming pool water (due to chlorine content) for at least a couple of weeks. Take care of your nose, so that it doesn’t get infected. Always go for piercing with a needle than a gunshot piercing, because the latter can never be made 100% sterile. Also, there are options to get the piercing done from a goldsmith or a cosmetologist or from a doctor. You can choose whichever option makes you most comfortable. If you do decide to go without your nose stud then beware that the scar of the nose piercing may not fully vanish for some people. Even though nose piercing is regarded as a traditional act in many cultures, in many western countries, it is still seen as a non-traditional act of rebellion. But above all, get nose piercing done for yourself, not for others. Go with what your heart says! If you want to flaunt a diamond on your nose, then go for it! If you are happy without a nose piercing, then remain happy that way!