We Little In Association With The Tongue Foundation Launched Tongue Talks


We Little Chennai, in association with The Tongue Foundation, hosted a panel discussion on the role of Tongue in the human body at their Chennai branch in Mylapore. The panel consisted of the founder & owner of We Little Dr. Shifa with Sruti Nakul; Parent Influencer, Pooja Srinivasa Raja; Founder One Life NGO, EffathYasmin; IBCLC & Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. The discussion was followed by the launch of Tongue Talks, an informational newsletter to the general public on the role of the tongue in the human body.

We Little, The Preventive Paediatric Dentistry established in 2013 has now made its way to the first branch in Chennai. They are one of the leading players in the paediatric dentist industry in Coimbatore. We Little is founded by Dr. Shifa Shamsudeen who is a functional dentist and a pioneer in the field of Preventive Pediatric Dentistry. She is not just a certified but a recognized functional dentist, also one of the few tongue-tie specialists in India.

We Little works towards building wellness and prevention rather than waiting for an illness that needs to be treated. Their team of doctors consists of the best skilled with the right expertise to manage and care for children right from infancy to early adulthood. With a mission to have an overall effect on the holistic growth of a child, We Little provide superior care with protocols that are on par with the international standards of dental service.

 “When we start a conversation about Tongue from a health perspective, what generally comes to mind is tongue movements and tongue ties. The role of the tongue is important in various aspects of health from breastfeeding, Nutrition as your digestion starts from the mouth, speech, its very interesting how its connected to sleep. When we learned all this information, we really wanted to take this to each mother out there.  Young mothers are well informed about what sort of education one should give, what sort of nutrition one must provide their child yet we never had any information on how much sleep is an integral part of a child’s growth and that the Tongue plays a major role in it ” Said Dr. Shifa Shamsudeen, Founding member of The Tongue foundation & owner of We Little Chennai, Preventive Pediatric Dentistry.



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