Vijay Sethupathi Apologises For Cutting Birthday Cake With Sword


Vijay Sethupathi took to social media to apologise to everyone for cutting his birthday cake with a sword. In a detailed statement, he said that he had set a bad example and promised to be careful in the future. On the sets of his upcoming film with director Ponram, Vijay Sethupathi celebrated his birthday with the cast and crew as they had arranged a birthday cake for him.

A photo of Sethupathi cutting his birthday cake with a sword is going viral on social media and has become a controversial topic among netizens. He has now apologised for his action and promised that he would be careful in the future. He said, “My heartfelt thanks to film personalities and fans who wished me on my birthday. Three days ago, a photo which was taken during my birthday celebration has become a controversy now. In the photo, I had cut my birthday cake with a sword. I am going to act in director Ponram’s film, in which the sword plays an important role. Since I celebrated my birthday with Ponram and the team, I used the sword to cut my cake. Many pointed out that this is a bad example. From hereon, I will be careful. If I had hurt anyone, I apologise and regret my action.”



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