The Backstage Pro – Deepali Noor


Deepali Noor opens up to RITZ and fashion blogger Purushu Arie about her journey. 

She has a career that spans over fifteen years. As a newbie in the field, she blew the world of styling wide open making her way from advertising, to modelling to being the industry’s most coveted celebrity stylist. A rather private and media shy Deepali Noor opens up to RITZ and fashion blogger Purushu Arie, in one of her only interviews, about how clothes and fashion became part of her life. 

It was never her game plan to be part of the film industry, but today, Deepali Noor’s name rings synonymous with celebrity styling. With over 30 major movies and 150 advertisements to her credit, the lady behind the on-screen appeal of major stars, confesses that she would prefer styling movies over a celebrity for an event, any day.

Thanks to Deepali’s aesthetically on point looks, the celebrity stylist has become a regular on movie sets. It is safe to say that Deepali Noor has a constantly packed calendar. “You have been responsible for styling some of the heavyweights of the South Indian film industry,” Purushu Arie says with admiration for the lady. Long associated with styling Suriya, we think Deepali does seem to have a soft spot for the actor. “I enjoy working with Suriya. He is very conscious about what he wears, so it makes my job a little easier. A little known secret about him is that he loves to experiment with his looks.”

Deepali goes on to give us a long list of her favourite clientele and little tidbits on them from behind the scenes. “Arya has an amazing body. He is so perfect that just about anything looks good on him. He is a dream to work with.” So that’s one down. “I love styling Vijay too; he carries off his looks with such confidence. He makes you feel like you couldn’t have done a better job.” When it comes to the leading ladies Samantha and Nithya Menen are her favourites. “They are just so friendly off-screen. Nithya is such a cool and fun person in real life,” tells Deepali.


Purushu Arie ponders over the reason why Deepali chooses to style characters in movies over celebrities in real life. “Don’t you think you miss out when you choose not to style for an event?” he asks her. “I have a very cinematic understanding of style. I love the story behind the character and it is working alongside the story that excites me. But it isn’t like I don’t style for events, I do. But if I had to pick one over the other, I would pick movies,” she tells with a laughs.

While stylists struggle working with budgetary restrictions, Deepali is candid in her answer about the movies she works on. “People call me for movies that have a budget.” In the case of Madarasapattinam, that won her critical acclaim, wholesale bazaars were her go-to spot. “Some movies you make for money, some because you really want to. Madarasapattinam was that balance for me,” she says.

“One hears that time constraints are also a major factor in movie styling. What do you think has been your toughest project yet?” asks Purushu. Pat comes her answer, “In the film industry, everything is due yesterday. The longest I have worked on a movie is about three months before the project went on floor.” Deepali reveals that Madarasapattinam and Puli, a period drama and a fantasy film respectively, were demanding projects.

This celebrity stylist tells us that she prefers to design and stitch clothes over picking them off the rack. “I prefer to fit my clients with my own designs,” says Deepali.

Purushu quizzes her on her favourite brands. After a little prodding, she indulges us with an answer: “Zara, GAS, Diesel, H&M and Mango. Of the Indian designers, I usually like clothes from Ritu Kumar, Sabyasachi or even Narendra Kumar.

Unlike her counterparts, Deepali says that she isn’t active on social media and only uses it to satisfy her curiosity. “I don’t follow what’s trending, because not all trends suit everyone. I also don’t think I have created a trend, there’s a fine line that separates a stylist from a designer,” she smiles.

Deepali Noor’s style aesthetics are “Classy, subtle looks. Never over the top!” Responding to what her look for a red carpet event would be, she hints at “Probably something in white, accessorised with a cuff.”

“That’s a bold choice,” concludes a rather surprised Purushu.



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