Govinda Inaugurates Surya Hospital’s Daycare Chemotherapy Centre


Actor Govinda inaugurated Surya Hospital’s Daycare Chemotherapy Centre in Santacruz, Mumbai along with renowned Oncologist Dr. Suresh Advani and Dr. Bhupendra Awasthi. While at the event, Govinda reminisced how he used to be generally weak and low on his optimal wellness levels as a teenager. He duly credited his mother for promptly soughting help from appropriate doctors to assist him to recover. Govinda further disclosed that by the time he turned 21, he had fully recovered from his ailments by following the doctor’s guidance combined with the recitational power of Gayatri Mantra. He stated doctors are next to God; the real heroes who help save innumerable lives. He further said, “I’m truly humbled to have been invited here for the inaugural. I’ll always come forth in the service of people.”


Many deserving doctors from the field of Oncology were felicitated for their expertise and contribution at the Surya Healthcare Awards 2021 including Dr. Suresh Advani who won the Lifetime Achievement Award. Other winners included Dr. Vinita Salvi, Dr. Neeta Warty, Dr. Vandana Bansal, Dr. Nandkishor Kabra, Dr. Hemant Tongaonkar, Dr. Cherry Shah, and Dr. Shivam Shingla. Truly a star in many ways, actor Govinda was conferred with an Appreciation Award for Humanitarian Aid during the Covid-19 pandemic towards Cancer Patients.



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