Sameera Reddy Opens Up On Breastfeeding Her Kid


Sameera Reddy is known for being extremely vocal and refreshing about subjects like motherhood, mental health, and body image issues on social media. Recently, the actress of two opened a healthy talk on breastfeeding, by urging moms not to feel pressured. She began the post by speaking about her experience with her daughter Nyra.

“This week has been a bittersweet bag of mixed emotions. I finally finished weaning Nyra and it has been emotional. For both of us. We’ve cried, we’ve had many hard moments but we found our rhythm and that’s what was most important. I used this Feeding pillow for both Hans and Nyra. It has been our comfort for those long night feeds as well as my bestie pillow to cuddle as an exhausted mommy trying to keep up with my breastfeeding journey. But it’s time to let go. And knowing it was the last feed has been elating because I finally have my freedom yet sad because it made me feel so connected to her and I really enjoyed the whole process. It took me a month to wean her. Dropping her least favourite afternoon feed and replacing it with cows milk in a sippy cup. Then the early morning feed, the 9 pm feed and lastly the last 4 am feed. I now give her sips of water to pacify her back to bed and it’s finally worked. To all the mommies who remember this process it really is such a moment and I’m sure you can relate. Nyra is 1.5 years old today and I would like to say there is no exact age to stop breastfeeding. Each mother should find her moment to wean. There is no guilt and no one should ever put that pressure on you. Nor if you chose to or couldn’t breastfeed your child. We are all in this together and supporting each other is really what matters.”



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