Nandu Mahadeva, who inspired Athijeevanam passes away


The 26 year old cancer survivor inspired many to fight cancer 

Kerala mourned the death of its brave cancer survivor, Nandu Mahadeva who inspired many cancer patients to fight the battle and not lose hope. Hailing from Thiruvananthapuram, Nandu reached out to people through his positive messages and songs. He was first diagnosed with bone cancer three years ago, but he decided to fight it out. Even when his leg had to be amputated, he didn’t give-up. He continued to inspire people through his social media posts.

He reached out to other cancer patients and survivors and eventually they spearheaded ‘Athijeevanam’, an initiative that helps Cancer patients across the state.  He was also a part of many initiatives like the KeralaCan. He passed away of lung cancer on Saturday morning. Many took to social media to condole his passing. Manju Warrier who was also a part of the KeralaCan campaign wrote,”Rest in peace Nandu! It’s my honour to have been able to spend time with you during #KeralaCan campaigns. Thank you for inspiring many including me!”



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