Karthik Kumar Talks About His Ex-Wife Suchitra


The actor-turned- stand up comedian, Karthik Kumar is currently directing a movie which is to be released in 2021. He is known for his hard-hitting jokes and satires. Recently KK had a conversation with his fans during which he spoke about his ex-wife Suchitra, Bigg Boss Tamil 4, and more in the conversation.

Many asked about his next shows, the film he is directing, and more. And a few also asked about his ex-wife and Bigg Boss. Talking about his ex-wife Suchitra who is a contestant in the Bigg Boss, he said, ‘My ex-wife is someone I think highly of and am very fond of. None of you know her although you all think you do.’ Responding to a question on what he thinks about the Bigg Boss show, he said, ‘Have never watched any program that involved people being watched and judged… We do enough of that shit in real life.’ He also said it is, ‘A scary reflection of ourselves to ourselves.’



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