“Kai From The Sea” – A Cosy Culinary Experience On ECR


“Kai from the sea” offers fresh & sustainable seafood, with strong ties to the local fishing community. They also offer ready-to-eat, ready-to-cook products, and a private dining experience. A constant effort on providing the best seafood for domestic consumption has given rise to Kai-from the sea.

After almost 20 years of producing and supplying (to exporters) responsibly raised, chemical, and antibiotic-free Vannamei prawns and finally getting into the export ourselves for the last 6 years, It was time for GEEKAY Hatcheries to provide their world-class product closer home. And that is where the germ of the idea for Kai was planted.

However, the team wanted to not limit the offerings to just prawns, and hence the long-drawn exercise of scouting our shores for fresh catch began. A year and a half (and ongoing) of relationship building with fishermen off of the 1255km long eastern coast from Rameswaram to Kakinada and those that milk the rich river beds, gave us a huge window into variety and quality of produce that was available to us and was still waiting to get tapped.

Dine In, Grab and Go, and Fish Shop

Dine in – fine dining eating space with a focus on fish and seafood that can seat 20 people. Artists/designers from across the country have been commissioned to curate the whole dining experience in terms of design. Backed by a state-of-the-art kitchen and storage facility, the well-researched menu makes the product the hero. The menu consists of recipes from across the world and those that have been passed onto generations by mothers and grandmothers. The interactive kitchen aids in co-creating the meal with the chefs. A cozy setup that promises a wonderful culinary journey.

Grab and go – A selection of ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat delicious food solutions on the go created by Kai. From cooking solutions – Spices/seasonings, flavoured oils, curry pastes to addressing the immediate need – soups, salads, desserts. Makings of a snack – sandwich, or an entire meal or bento box. House mixed beverages.

Fish Shop – Sea and freshwater fish and seafood.Fresh, not frozen. Clean cuts, fillets, whole-cleaned fish/seafood that are seasonal completely overseen by an experienced butcher of 15 years.

Time: 7 AM – 10 PM

Address: 2, East Coast Rd, J Nagar, Chennai



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